A Background Check can X Ray the subject and may solve your case at a fraction of the cost for your legal defense… You will be satisfied Guaranteed! Just imagine if your are involved in a civil suit and you are able to prove that the person suing you is a criminal and have them punished for their crimes.  A Background Check is an amazing tool that all investigators have utilized through out history in order to solve the most complicated cases.
Background Check Experts by a Licensed Private Investigator Comprehensive background check and criminal record search specialists:

Criminal Records
Prisoner Information
Bankruptcy Filings
Past & Present Addresses
Real Age
Neighborhood Profiles
Phone Numbers
Judgments & Tax Liens
Corporate Ownership
Professional Licenses
Military Background
Sex Offenders
Property Ownership
Domain Name Ownership
U.C.C. Filings
Vehicle Ownership
Driving Records and More!
Advanced Criminal Background Checks & Screening Solutions
During the initial stages of an investigation, both time and information are limited. Law enforcement agencies need every available data resource at their disposal to quickly locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives, find missing children and solve cases.
Traditional law enforcement background check services can take days to provide crucial information. When time and accuracy are of the utmost importance, you need reliable, instant access to a vast array of data that goes far beyond criminal background check information.
Search Smarter, Not Harder
Our Licensed Private Investigators can access the same information through a system that Law Enforcement, is used by more than 4,000 federal, state and local agencies across the country. It provides access to billions of public, proprietary, criminal and background records pulled from thousands of independent data sources.
You’ll instantly locate both people and businesses, verify identities and rapidly identify potential investigative leads by quickly confirming information such as name, address, Social Security number or Federal Identification number. And with our advanced linking technology, our solution filters and then links the information based on relevance. In addition to helping you locate and apprehend suspects, this technology helps you:
Discover Associations
Uncover Assets
InvesIf you can’t call the Police, Call MJ PI
714-592-8000, spy on your husband or wife & find out the truth. Pictures don’t lie

Detective MJ offers issues to Consider Before Spying:
There are issues you should take into consideration before you begin your quest to find out if your spouse👫 is cheating. First, you should be careful and ready for the conflict that will occur if your spouse finds out you have been surveillance or spying on him/her? Detective MJ from advices that you should expect your spouse to be upset, to accuse you of not trusting them and to deny their own actions in favor of trying to make you feel guilty for spying. However, MJ who is a private investigator Orange County, will tell you that pictures and video don’t lie! tigate Businesses
Visualize Complex Relationships
Map Locations




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