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Newport Beach Private Investigator speaks out.   My greatest strength is in my willingness and ability to treat the companies I work for as if they were my own business. I often take on additional responsibilities, persist in making sure things are done correctly, help pick up the slack when shorthanded, and put everything that I am into my work. I consider myself to be a consummate professional and only feel satisfied when my work has helped make the company I work for more successful. I take great pride in being part of that success, no matter how small.
What is your greatest weakness?

Newport Beach detective

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Honestly, I would have to say that my greatest weakness is the same as my greatest strength. Because of my dogged determination and work ethic I have a tendency to work long hours and a few unscrupulous employers have taken advantage of my work ethic. My willingness to do more than my part and to do whatever is necessary to help the business I work for has led to some situations in which I was overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated.


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